"His Music Moves, Inspires and Takes You On A Journey Of the Heart.” 

- Q'orianka Kilcher, Award-winning Hollywood Actress, Singer

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Tony Chen Wins Best ‘World Music’ Song at 2014 Hollywood Music In Media Awards (Nov. 2014)


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Now Featuring Tony's "One Man Disney" Video in MANDARIN!

Pocahontas is one of my favorite Disney animation film that accompanied my childhood! And I actually love the songs inside the film very much! Here I am sharing you my own cover version of the official MANDARIN version "Mine Mine Mine"! Note, the copyright belongs to the original owner, this is just for fun and for sharing how amazing it is to hear Disney songs in different languages!  You can also watch my cover version of Disney's Frozen song "For the First Time In Forever" in MANDARIN after this video too!

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