"His Music Moves, Inspires and Takes You On A Journey Of the Heart.” 

- Q'orianka Kilcher, Award-winning Hollywood Actress, Singer

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Now Featuring Tony's "One Man Disney" Video in MANDARIN!

Pocahontas is one of my favorite Disney animation film that accompanied my childhood! And I actually love the songs inside the film very much! Here I am sharing you my own cover version of the official MANDARIN version "Mine Mine Mine"! Note, the copyright belongs to the original owner, this is just for fun and for sharing how amazing it is to hear Disney songs in different languages!  You can also watch my cover version of Disney's Frozen song "For the First Time In Forever" in MANDARIN too after this video!

Tony Chen's New Piece "A New Story (Piano Solo)" (Buy MP3 download $0.99)

A beautiful and touching piano piece summarizing the past and it's also the new starting page of the new life story ahead. 

We all have different stages in our life, especially the stage when you realize you can finally choose the path you always wanted after years of distractions and tribulations...This piece is a summarization of the past and the new starting page of the new story ahead.

Tony Chen


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The End of April 四月的最後時刻 From Album "AT EASE"

Official Finalist of The 14th Annual Great American Song Contest (2013)