"His Music Moves, Inspires and Takes You On A Journey Of the Heart.”
- Q'orianka Kilcher, Award-winning Hollywood Actress, Singer

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Tony Chen - Nominated In The 14th Independent Music Awards For Best New Age Song! (Mar 26th 2015)

Recognizing The Beloved One...(From "At Ease" Album)
 by Tony Chen has been nominated in Song: New Age Category in the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards: Vote NOW For Tony Chen To Become A 14th IMA Fan-selected Winner

Tony's "One Man Disney" Video in English & Mandarin

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Pocahontas, The Lion King, Frozen...etc are my favorite Disney animation films! And I actually love the songs inside the film very much! Here I am sharing you my own cover version of the great songs from the films! Hope you enjoy it! And again, welcome to TonyChenMusic.com!

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GCOHE1. 我的全新中國風音樂作品:盛世齊天!

莊嚴優雅的宮廷舞蹈、武將的武功表演 - 文官、儒生、武將、宮女、萬國使臣等等齊聚威嚴的皇帝陛下前的皇宮慶典,同百姓一起贊頌“盛世齊天”;

五千年文明,古往今來,博大精深;神傳文化,多姿多彩,修心、修身、養德天地固,人心向善,神州浩然正氣 - 故盛世齊天